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An additional 20.4 percent of the population list languages other than English and French as their mother tongue. Known today as the Trillium Line, it was dubbed the O-Train and connected downtown Ottawa to the southern suburbs via Carleton University. Opponents claim that when used correctly, anti-personnel mines are defensive weapons that harm only attackers,[90] unlike ranged weapons such as ballistic missiles that are most effective if used for preemptive attacks. If everything seems fine, you can download it immediately. Students will also investigate ethical issues in computing and expand their understanding of environmental issues, emerging technologies and computer-related careers. This course examines communications technology from a media perspective. This hands-on, project-based course is designed for students planning to enter an occupation or apprenticeship in manufacturing directly after graduation. You tell us what you need, careers in the creative writing field and we do your essays for you. Ottawa's primary employers are the Public Service of Canada and the high-tech industry, although tourism and healthcare also represent increasingly sizeable economic activities. Emphasis will be placed on the practical application of concepts and on the skills needed for further study in various branches of the life sciences and related fields. This course traces major developments and events in world history since approximately 1450. TAKE NOTICE that at the regular meeting of the Board on February 12, 2019 at 7:30 pm the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) will hold public meetings pursuant to Section 257.60 and 257.63 of the Education Act. This course enables students to enhance their musical literacy through the creation, appreciation, analysis and performance of music. The campaign for what became the Ottawa Treaty was led by a group of powerful non-governmental organizations, and instead of working within existing multilateral frameworks, including the Conference on Disarmament, based at the UN compound in Geneva (the Palais des Nations), an ad hoc framework was created that detoured around existing intergovernmental processes. Students will develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing through using language learning strategies for understanding texts and communicating clearly. This course enables students to further develop the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices now and lead healthy, active lives in the future. They will develop an understanding of practices associated with healthy living, the benefits of self-discipline and the importance of continuing engagement in the arts. This course prepares students for a variety of college business, computer engineering and technology programs. This course provides opportunities for students to explore dramatic forms and techniques, how do you stay focused while doing homework using material from a wide range of sources and cultures. An important focus will be on using language with precision and clarity. Students will study culinary techniques of food handling and preparation, health and safety standards, the use of tools and equipment, the origins of foods and event planning and will learn about tourism attractions across Ontario.

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Students will learn about financial statements for various forms of business ownership and how those statements are interpreted in making business decisions. September to 13 October: The first Review Conference of the 1980 Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) was finally held in Vienna (Austria). This course introduces the mathematical concept of the function by extending students’ experiences with quadratic relations. Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues and will explore secondary and post-secondary pathways leading to careers in the tourism industries. This course provides a foundation for students who wish to pursue a career that requires an understanding of law. Using materials, processes and techniques commonly employed in these industries, students will participate in a number of hands-on projects that may include plant or animal propagation; production, maintenance and harvesting activities; the development of floral or landscaping designs; and/or related construction activities. Around 65% of Ottawa residents describe themselves as Christian as of 2011[update], with Catholics accounting for 38.5% of the population and members of Protestant churches 25%. As an initiative of ICBL which was founded in 1998 through Human Rights Watch, the Monitor gives monitoring on the humanitarian development and uses of landmines, cluster munitions, and explosive remnants of war (ERW). On 5 December 2012 at the 12th Meeting of the States Parties, six states declared themselves landmine-free. Students will enhance their understanding of the function of music in society and the impact of music on themselves and various communities and cultures. Welcome back from the Christmas break! Students will examine social, economic, and political developments and how they have affected different peoples. Students will learn how various non-governmental and governmental agencies deal with social injustices at a local, how can i do my homework without getting distracted national and global level and they will critically analyze the effectiveness and transparency of various NGOs. Students will assemble, repair and configure computers with various types of operating systems and application software. Students will use beginning English language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing for everyday and essential academic purposes; use basic English language structures and simple sentence patterns in short conversations; read short adapted texts; and write phrases and short sentences. December: The General Assembly of the United Nations adopts Resolution 51/45 S: “An International Agreement to Ban Anti-Personnel Land-Mines”, which was supported by 115 co-sponsors. The National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa is the main command centre for the Canadian Armed Forces and hosts the Department of National Defence.[127] The Ottawa area includes CFS Leitrim, CFB Uplands, and the former CFB Rockcliffe. Students will examine issues of identity facing Indigenous individuals and communities with respect to changing relationships with the land, nature, one another, and Canada. Students will also develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues related to construction technology, and explore career opportunities in the field.

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This course focuses on a practical approach to a variety of media arts challenges specific to the interests of the student and provides students with opportunities to examine media arts in relationship to the world of work. The course focuses on the theoretical aspects of the topics under study and helps refine students’ scientific investigation skills. The Rideau Canal is the oldest continuously operated canal system in North America, and in 2007, it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[169] In addition, 24 other National Historic Sites of Canada are in Ottawa, including: the Central Chambers, the Central Experimental Farm, the Château Laurier, Confederation Square, the former Ottawa Teachers' College, Office of the Prime Minister and Privy Council, Laurier House and the Parliament Buildings. This course combines the expectations for the Interdisciplinary Studies, Grade 12 University with selected expectations from the following courses: Grade 11, Marketing: Goods, Services, Events (BMI3C), Grade 12, Analysing Current Economic Issues (CIA4U), Grade 12, Canadian and International Law (CLN4U), Grade 12, Financial Accounting Principles (BAT4M) and Grade 12, Healthy Active Living (PPL4O). This course develops students’ understanding of Earth and its place in the universe. Students will also learn about computer environments and systems and explore environmental issues related to computers, safe computing practices, emerging technologies, and post-secondary opportunities in computer-related fields. Robert O. (Bobby) Muller (born 1946) is an American peace advocate. The course may be delivered as a comprehensive program or through a program focused on a particular artform (e.g. Many dimensions of the human person are considered: personal development, morality, justice, appreciating creation, relationships, communication, human sexuality, sexual morality and marriage. The political “Ottawa Declaration” was accepted only in the last moment, after protracted negotiations. Students will apply the concepts of geographic thinking and the geographic inquiry process, including spatial technologies, to investigate a range of geographic issues in the region. Hot days above 30 °C (86 °F) have occurred as early as April[86] or as late as October.[87][85] Annual precipitation averages around 940 millimetres (37 in). This course emphasizes the extension of mathematical knowledge and skills to prepare students for success in their everyday lives, in the workplace and in the Mathematics Grade 11 and Grade 12 Workplace Preparation courses. Students will develop a variety of skills related to collaboration and the presentation of dramatic works. Students will investigate similar triangles, the trigonometry of right-angled triangles and the measurement of three-dimensional objects. They will also design initiatives that encourage others to lead healthy, active lives.

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This course prepares students to act in leadership and peer support roles. Ottawa is on the south bank of the Ottawa River and contains the mouths of the Rideau River and Rideau Canal.[71] The older part of the city (including what remains of Bytown) is known as Lower Town, and occupies an area between the canal and the rivers. Most of the city has traditionally supported the Liberal Party.[178] Perhaps the safest areas for the Liberals are the ones dominated by Francophones, especially in Vanier and central Gloucester.[178] Central Ottawa is usually more left-leaning, and the New Democratic Party have won ridings there. Students will use their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing and apply language learning strategies while exploring a variety of concrete and abstract topics. Students will develop creative solutions for various types of problems as their understanding of the computing environment grows. This course focuses on the processes that occur in biological systems. There are so many types of essays, it is easy to lose track of all your writing assignments. Students are encouraged to grow in these Gospel values while actively engaging in a variety of challenging educational activities. Students will develop musical literacy skills by using the creative and critical analysis processes in composition, performance and a range of reflective and analytical activities. Students will perform works at a level consistent with previous experience. This course emphasizes knowledge and skills that will enable students to understand media communication in the twenty-first century and to use media effectively and responsibly. During the process, students have many opportunities to develop and consolidate their knowledge and skills in different subject areas; they are motivated to solve problems, make decisions, create personal meaning and present findings beyond the scope of a single subject or discipline. Throughout the course, students will develop their awareness of diverse French-speaking communities in Canada and acquire an understanding and appreciation of these communities. The focus was on its Protocol II, as it was the authoritative international instrument governing the responsible use of anti-personnel land-mines. Some of Ottawa's suburbs are swing areas, notably central Nepean and, despite its francophone population, Orléans.[178] The southern and western parts of the old city of Ottawa are generally moderate and swing to the Conservative Party.[178] The farther one goes outside the city centre like to Kanata and Barrhaven and rural areas, the voters tend to be increasingly conservative, both fiscally and socially.[178] This is especially true in the former Townships of West Carleton, Goulbourn, Rideau and Osgoode, which are more in line with the conservative areas in the surrounding counties.[178] However, not all rural areas support the Conservative Party. The city also has several scenic parkways (promenades), such as Colonel By Drive, Queen Elizabeth Driveway, the Sir John A. The knowledge and skills acquired in this course will prepare students for more specialized studies at the college and university level. Students will learn how to prepare, present and serve food using a variety of tools and equipment and will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of providing high quality service to ensure customer satisfaction and the components of running a successful event or activity.