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I am currently reading the book In FARLEIGH Field. Glad we were able to help you with your homework. Thanks google). That is how I came to learn all about Anderson shelters! Thank you very much for these facts. Nice discovery! Glad we could help you identify it. This and the morrison shelter page have really helped me with my technology website about England- I used to live there and then I moved so I wanted to do a page on History and WW2 but I only knew a small amount about both shelters! Me too Shannon. I have found this ver helpful and child-friendly. Thanks, Emy! Glad you liked Primary Facts. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Great website, used some of the facts for my homework! Well spotted, Caitlyn! I’ve fixed it now. Thanks a lot, whoever posted this!!!. Thanks! This helped me a lot with my homework! Thanks for using Primary Facts, Mya. I live in Leicestershire UK and anyone who needs to see it can come anytime to look but purely for educational needs. I’d just like to say it’s so good to see all of you young historians enjoying your subject so much, well done you guys! Very interesting and informative! These facts really helped me with my homework. Glad we were able to help with your homework. Thank You! This helped me with my Anderson Shelter project a lot! Very helpful for my homework its very useful and I recommend it. Thank you for supplying me with this information . They were unsightly but this is used now just for a shed and full of hoarded rubbish. I am a 75-year-old American woman and I had never heard of Anderson shelters! My Year 5 (Age 9) Daughter has just started reading ‘My Friend the enemy’.It has just mentioned an Anderson shelter so we googled it and found this page :-). I would be interested in any info that is available especially if it helps trace my family further back.

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So. You are never too old to learn! I read a lot. And my favorite novels are spy novels from the WW II ERA. This actually helped me with my History GCSE project that I am doing on the Blitz. This might have been said by a lot of people but, this useful pieces of info really brightened up my day because my class and I are studying on Anderson Shelters, so this info really added some inspiration to my homework. Glad you like it, Sam! Thanks for the comment and thanks for using Primary Facts. I got my homework done in half an hour using this website. Thanks, Shannon. Pleased we were able to help you out. This helped me a lot on my homework, THANKS!!!!! I’d searched on 17 websites and 6 search websites and nothing good about ‘Anderson Air Raid Shelters’ untill I found this great website. Very clear and easy to understand,she has taken notes and hopefully will gain a school’House Point’. Here are some facts about Anderson Shelters, popular air raid shelter used during the Blitz. This is a very good website for homework. MY FATHER SERVED IN WW II AND IS STILL LIVING. I enjoyed reading this and it helped a lot. Thanks a lot. My homework was straight forward thanks 2 u. Thanks James for your info. I have made notes from your e-mail and will investigate further now. Glad we were able to help out your daughter. This really helped me and my friends out with homework, thanks a lot!! Thank you. I find this ll very interesting and have printed off this page to put in my Anderson family file just in case he’s a relation. Thank you for reading my comment. I would reccomend this to anyone, I’ve learnt so much {For A Change} considering I’m only 9. This is a lot of help for our ww2 project, picture cards for creative writing we are making our own anderson shelter! This website was very good and helped me massively with my homework. I love this website so much it helps with a lot of my homework! On page 152 the author mentions an Anderson shelter being in the back yard. Still in very good condition and have been raised and bolted together to make one big one.

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I have included them in my project work and were very helpful :). Thanks for visiting Primary Facts. I have to make a Anderson shelter and I’ve got to do research about it and its helped me sooooooooooo much! It is coincidental that my name is Anderson but who knows with a name like mine “Graham Anderson” could be a relative. Thanks! It helped with my homework! Hope she gets the hp! Thanks for letting us know. When I come across something I don’t know I look it up. This website is amazing! i am doing a history project on ww2 at the moment and I’ve used it for about every page! Just yesterday we discovered an Anderson Shelter at the bottom of my sons garden and I used this website to confirm this fact. My son moved in This house 2 weeks ago and as the garden is really really overgrown we decided to tackle it this week and we found this shelter completely covered with Tree Ivy and were very excited to find out if it was in fact a shelter. John Anderson was born in Scotland on 8th July 1882, in Eskbank (part of Dalkeith in Midlothian), and he studied mathematics and geology at the University of Edinburgh. Hi and thanks soooo much for this I loved it im going to show it all to my friends! Good luck with your Anderson shelter challenge, Aidan! I have a homework challenge to build an Anderson Shelter and this has helped me so much. Glad we were able to help you out. Thanks, Andreja. Really pleased we were able to help you out with your homework. My maiden name was Anderson and I am currently researching the Anderson family tree and would like to know please, if Sir John Anderson (who designed the shelters) originated from Scotland and from which part if he did. It explains it very simply and is very factual too. Thanks for visiting Primary Facts, Nadia.

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